Water features play a major role in keeping a garden pond healthy, but if your water feature Is dirty or hasn’t been maintained in a while, that healthy eco-system in your pond will soon become a smelly mess.

Maintaining water features is a job best done regularly and while there is a number of ways you can go about it, one of the best is via scrubbing and using a pressure cleaner to remove build up, algae and more. We’ve got some great tips to help you maintain your garden or fish pond water features, which will help you maintain a clean and healthy pond for your plants and fish.

  1. Choose the right size pump

Choosing the right size pump for your garden or fish pond ensures you have the right water flow through your pump – constantly flowing water helps to keep the water aerated, stops mosquitos and can help stop the build-up of algae and general dust and dirt.

  1. Keep your fish & plants healthy

Keeping your fish and plants healthy can help stop dead fish getting caught in your water filter or laying around in your water fountain while ensuring your plants are healthy and maintained helps to stop the build-up of leaf litter. It’s this build up that can get stuck to your water fountains or other features, bringing down the entire look of your pond.

  1. Test water regularly

Testing your water chemicals regularly can help towards stopping the growth of algae and the like on your pond features. It is also imperative for some fish and plants to have the correct water chemicals to live a healthy life. You should be testing your pond water at least twice a month.

  1. Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to a good looking pond. Our methods of cleaning include pressure cleaning to get a large amount of dirt, algae, moss and more removed, while scrubbing helps in those hard to reach gaps or small features.

  1. Replace the water

As part of our maintenance services, we will remove and replace a percentage of the water in your pond to keep it looking fresh and clean. This introduces fresh water to your plants and animals while still keeping the healthy bacteria in the pond.


There are plenty of great ways to keep your pond and water features maintained. At Home Style Fishponds, we offer a range of services from one-off cleans through to regular maintenance to ensure your garden or fish pond is healthy and stays looking good. Call us on 0404 866 917 for a free quote.