Looking To Add a Fish Pond to Your Property?

We are your local fish pond construction and maintenance company. Our pond building services include design, planning, waterproofing, feature installation, earthmoving and more. We work with a number of contracts to get the job done quickly and efficiently. With a friendly team of professionals, we are able to work on a job of almost any size.

Our Journey to Pond Construction

Starting our as a pond maintenance company, we quickly saw the need for pond waterproofing as many ponds we came across were leaking. We also found that many ponds were constructed in a way that was not practical from the perspective of setup and maintenance. The setup of the pond often caused it to go green (algae problem) fast usually due to a lot of sun exposure and lack of water circulation.

Optimal Pond Building Approach

If you are looking at getting pond built, there are a number of things you may want to consider. Firstly, the pond development process should not jeopardise the structure of the main property. This is often not considered and results in ponds leaking under the house which creates an environment ideal for termites. Secondly, prior to building the pond, it’s important to consider the number of fish that the pond will accommodate. Having too many fish will end up with fish dying or pond going green quickly due to high nitrate levels from fish waste. Finally, the pond needs water circulation (to create aeration) and a proper pond filter. The filer allows keeping the water clean and balanced if setup correctly. One of the filter features that can really help is a UV bulb which comes with some models.

Waterproofing and Liner

Regardless of how your pond is constructed, it’s important to have the setup right to avoid leaks. The liner and waterproofing play a major role in this. We often see that ponds with liners are set up straight on top of rocks which over time creates holes. Poor waterproofing materials and poorly done job can also lead to leaks rather soon.

So before adding waterproofing or liner, calculate the volume of water that the pond will hold. Consider the direct exposure to the sun and height of the water from direct sunlight. Based on this information a different type of line or waterproofing can be used. If the height of the water is fairly low, additional plants and water features need to be added to provide additional shade. Finally, the sun problem can be solved by shade sails or trees.

Complete Solution

Our pond building services include waterproofing, earthmoving, bricklayers, electricians, shade sail and other contractors to deliver complete pond construction solution for you. If you are thinking of constructing a new pond or renovating an old one, give us a call for a free quote. One of our staff will come out and consult you on your idea and the best approach to your project or recommend proven designs.