Clean Pond Waste Fast & Easy

Pond vacuuming allows us to clean your pond easily and quickly without the need to scrub it. Depending on the size of your garden or fish pond we have a range of vacuums we can use to remove leaf debris, fish waste, algae and waste from your plants. Vacuuming is a great way to clean your pond as we don’t need to remove your fish or the water from the pond and it takes a lot less time to get through the cleaning process.

A pond vacuum works exactly the same as your household vacuum or a pool vacuum – it sucks up debris, silt and dirt from the bottom of your pond. But instead of using air like your household vacuum, it is more like a pool vacuum and sucks up the water, thereby sucking up the dirt and debris. The water is returned straight back to the pond while the dirt and debris stay behind in the vacuum bag.

Our team of pond cleaners are experienced in using pond vacuums to clean both small and large ponds. We will start by assessing which vacuum will best suit your pond style and go from there. Any water lost will be replaced, and your pond will be treated as required. We can then use the silt as a fertiliser for your garden or simply dispose of it.

Pond vacuuming is great for those small cleans in between your regular major cleans and maintenance appointments. We recommend a combination of regular small cleans and water tops ups, combined with, for example, quarterly “deep cleans” where we remove your plants, fish and the water. With Home Style Fishponds, you never need to worry about your garden pond or fishpond looking dirty or unmaintained again – we can schedule your appointments in advance so you know when we are turning up and what service we are performing.

With the team from Home Style Fishponds cleaning and maintaining your garden pond or fishpond in Brisbane, you can be sure you’ve got a team of reliable and professional pond cleaners with the aim of providing you with a quality service. Our goal is to ensure your pond stays healthy and clean, giving you all the benefits of having a pond without the stress of cleaning it.

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