Water filter is one of the most important components of the fish pond. The filter setup can be simple or quite complicated, it all depends on the pond eco system. At Home Style Fishponds we make sure that that the water circulation and filtration allows for plenty of oxygen in the pond. In addition a UV bulb can be added to control algae better. Some pumps come with these bulbs and are quite effective.

Along with plants, your pump and filter are the most important pieces of equipment you can use to keep your pond clean and healthy. They are also important to keep any fish and plants alive and healthy.

The pump and filter you need will depend on what you are using your pond for – if you are having fish in your pond a centrifugal pump may be the best option. You should get 10-15 years from a quality pump which means your fish will live a long and happy life in your pond. No fish? Take a look at a submersible pump. The lifespan won’t be as long, but these pumps are great when you are just dealing with plants.

Home Style Fishpond’s experienced pond cleaners can clean and replace your pump and filter to get your pond back up and running. Our team can also advise on the best type of pump and filter for your pond and the best location for it. We recommend ensuring the pump and filter you get is suitable for your needs – it could save you hundreds of dollars a year in electricity in running costs.

When you are buying a pump and filtration system, we recommend keeping the following in mind:

  • The Cost to Run the Pump
  • Warranty
  • Brand Reputation
  • Initial Cost and Outlay

Need help? Call Home Style Fishponds and speak to our pond cleaning team.

The cleaning and maintenance of your pond pump and filtration system is included in our cleaning sessions. How often should they be cleaned? This depends on the type of pump and filtration system you are using as well as the type of pond you have, but we recommend checking the pump and filtration system at least once a week, and then have monthly on-going cleans and maintenance checks.

A pond pump and filtration system is a major component of having a healthy and clean pond. The team at Home Style Fishponds can help ensure your pump and filtration system are clean and working, leaving you with a healthy ecosystem in your pond.

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