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Keeping Your Pond Clean and Healthy

Keeping your pond clean and maintained is essential in having a healthy pond. Having algae throughout your pond not only looks bad, but it can be bad for the health of your fish and plants. It can grow on your pond decorations and what was once a lovely relaxing little spot in your garden can quickly become something you don’t want to look at.

Home Style Fishponds can help you ensure your Brisbane garden pond or fishpond is up to scratch with our cleaning and maintenance service. Whether you need a regular cleaning service, a one-off to help you get on top of things or an emergency clean because you have a house inspection, our team of trained pond cleaning professionals can provide the service you need.

Have you noticed an overgrowth of algae in your pond especially during summer? All algae need to grow is light, and since we have more light in summer, you’ll likely notice a more rapid growth than you do in winter. We recommend a more regular cleaning and maintenance schedule during the warmer months to help stay on top of any algae growth.

How do you know when your garden pond or fishpond needs to be cleaned? You shouldn’t! By maintaining and cleaning your pond on a regular schedule you really shouldn’t see an increase in algae, water levels dropping, your pump stopping, or your fish and plants dying.

Our cleaning and maintenance service includes carefully removing any plants and fish you have in your pond, emptying the water and removing the sludge from the bottom of the pond. If you like, you can recycle the sludge by adding it into the soil in your garden – with lots of fish waste, this is a great added nutrient for your garden. And you don’t need to worry about water wastage – our team will recycle much of the water removed from the pond to ensure your plants and fish aren’t shocked when they are reintroduced.

We will then remove the remaining waste at the bottom of the pond, clean your filters, and tidy up any plants. Once this is done, we start, we put everything back together leaving you with a healthy and clean pond.  

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