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Are you sick of having a leaky pond? If your pond hasn’t been waterproofed, the shape of it makes it difficult to waterproof, or you keep getting leaks, it’s time to look at installing a waterproof liner.

More robust than a traditional pond liner, and easier to install, waterproof liners can save you time and money on not only replacing your traditional liner but on replacing the water lost through cracks and leaks. With other forms of pond waterproofing, leaks tend to come from corners where the waterproofing changes direction. Flexible pond liners are strong to not tear under the weight of the water.

There are plenty of benefits to using a waterproof pool liner instead of other forms of waterproofing. Firstly, the manufacturing of the liner is done off-site which means a quality product and less clean up time. Secondly, a liner means less install time and less time on site which saves you both time and money. The biggest benefit is that a pool liner requires no drying time, so you can fill your pond and enjoy the benefits straight away.

Looking for a different way to waterproof your pond? Choose a pond liner installed by Home Style Fishponds and enjoy your pond for longer.

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